Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Turquoise/mint green has to be my favourite colour this summer, it's such a lovely fresh, vibrant colour and is just great for summer. I think it looks beautiful against tanned skin too, especially after all the sun we've had and hopefully plenty more to come. 
I'm not usually a big fan of turquoise/mint green nail varnish or clothing unless its dark green, but i've come to love it now. I suppose it's a bit like Marmite.. you either love it or you hate it. I love both turquoise/mint green nails & Marmite.


Nail Varnish : Boots 17 Lasting Fix Mint Choc Chip £2.99

This is my go-to nail varnish at the moment and whats written on the bottle is true. The colour does last up to 5 days although it does chip easily. I applied 3 coats to get a nice strong, bright turquoise/ mint green colour otherwise it looks a little bit streaky which doesn't look nice. I would definitely recommend this nail varnish, even if your not really into greens like I wasn't before, It could change your mind and for a bargain price and great thick coverage why not!


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Wantlist 002#


So with payday now having been and gone I'm trying to contain my excitement of splurging on all the things I want. Especially all of the things in my Wantlist 001#. I've been very good this month & so far haven't spent a single penny on myself.. well not yet anyway. There are several beauty items i'd like to try and also some items of clothing I have seen whilst in town before or after work.

001. Topshop Ombre studded tunic dress £28.00
I saw this tunic dress online last week & realised that I still have Topshop giftcard to spend, so I went to the Topshop store in Brighton hoping that they'd have it in there, but unfortunately I couldn't find it anywhere. I tried to look around the whole shop but I went on a Saturday.. as you can imagine that was quite challenging. I'm going to pop in again this week to see if they have it in stock. I have to try tunic dresses on as im only 5ft 3 & a 1/4 & yes I do count the quarter sad I know HAHA. I don't mind it being long but I do get a bit picky depending on the style of the dress.

002. Topshop HUEY Jelly Gladiator sandals £16.00
I also saw these online and I thought to myself i'll try them on when I go to get the dress but I couldn't find these either! I wasn't having a good day at all. I remember when I was little I used to have loads of pairs of these. I loved the light pink sparkly ones with the heel. I hope Topshop Bring some of them out too.

003.Essie Mint Candy Apple Boots £7.99
When I quickly popped into my local Boots today I saw that they now have the Essie stand. For some reason I thought that they would have only a couple shades to start with but they had a massive stand there & it was full! I must say all the shades are gorgeous but I'm really into mint greens/light green at the moment. I can't wait to make my first Essie purchase. I may go into superdrug & stock up with their 3 for 2 deal! A bit cheeky not too really.

004.Longchamp Le Pilage Large black Tote £72.00
I've wanted this bag for a couple of months now. I would have had it by now but when my dad went to France I completely forgot about asking him to get me one and also some other bits too. I love how versatile it is and it looks like its perfect for matching with any casual outfit or the smaller version for a night out. It's a great size for its price too and comes in all different colours. I also like the turquoise blue version too.

005. Touche Eclat YSL foundation
This foundation seems to be making it's way around the blogoshpere at the moment & I can't wait to try it. I haven't yet had the pleasure of trying YSL foundation's as I've never really been that interested but I can't wait to try this one. I just hope my skin likes it!


Monday, 28 May 2012

Lazy Baby

Just a quick post for all you yummy mummies! I'm currently blogging from work about work ha!

Get down to Lazy Baby in Brighton or any Plain Lazy for a fantastic deal for the jubilee weekend! 30% off all red, white & blue items of clothing! Go & grab yourself a bargain & pop in to say hi, I would love to meet you.


Saturday, 26 May 2012

Here comes the sun!

Hope your all soaking up & enjoying the sun!
Just a quick post today but i'm going to warn you before you read on as this post will be a picture heavy post today. I've been off work for the past 2 days & have had the pleasure of enjoying the sun. Back to work tomorrow though. 
I had a fantastic day at home yesterday. I spent the day playing in the garden with my baby brother William & having a nice gossip with my mum. I was knackered at the end of the day. The hot summers weather & a 2 year old toddler really do tire you out especially when you're running around after him while he pretends he's driving a car! 
I went to my grandparents house this evening to have dinner which was lovely. We had a BBQ in the garden along with glasses of cider, strawberries & ice cream & soaking up some rays. Sadly not enough though!
Haven't really had much time to get a tan so the little bit of Garnier summerbody lotion will have to do until tuesday! Thank god it smells gorgeous. Post to come!
Tanning to be continued...

Top to Bottom: 1. The Garden & my Bloodhound Watson, 2) Watson, 3) William, 4) Me posing. 5) Me in the sun, 6) My gorgeous mum, 7) Mum & William, 8) Me today, 9) My delicious dinner!
10) Kopparberg pear cider, 11) Strawberries & Ice cream, 12) BBQ!


Friday, 25 May 2012

Superdrug BB Cream

Superdrug BB Cream 5-in-1 Skin Perfecting Day Cream £6.99
  • Conceals imperfections & enhances skin tone
  • 24 Hour hydration
  • Antioxidant protection
  • UVA/UVB filters
  • SPF 15

For those of you who don't know what BB cream is, it's known as BB or Blemish Balm which is essentially the ultimate all-in-one cream. It combines a moisturiser,  a primer, a concealer and a foundation to create a supposedly natural flawless-looking complexion in an instant. 

The Superdrug BB cream is a combination of skin nourishing ingredients and mineral pigments which creates a light, creamy coverage which is supposed to conceal imperfections, boost radiance and smooth complexion. It also contains SPF 15 and helps to prevent damage from sun damage and also premature skin ageing whilst providing 24 hour hydration. 

I've been using the Superdrug BB cream in Light for a week now and I still can't decide if I like it or not. I used it last week when the weather wasnt as hot as it is now and I found that it worked quite nicely on my skin underneath my foundation. Since the weather has been alot nicer and it's been alot hotter it seems to just stay oily and not sink in like it did before. The BB cream actually makes my foundation gradually come off and it just genuinely feels horrible on my skin leaving me with hardly any foundation on and showing some imperfections. I have Normal/Sensitive skin so I do have the be careful with the products I use. I have also noticed that over the past week of using it I am now starting to breakout across my nose and cheek area which never usually happens! 

I don't think the coverage is good enough to wear just on it's own.I think it's better as a primer/base & I also think that it works alot better in colder climates. This may become my winter BB Cream as it actually worked alot better on my skin. I am a bit disappointed about the coverage and not being able to wear it alone because I don't really like wearing that much foundation, but this was more like a skin toned moisturiser for me as my skin is now a little more smoother. 

If you have any recommendations of new BB Creams please let me know either below, twitter or facebook.


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Big Sis love!

Just a quick post to let you guys know that tomorrow I will be doing a review post on Superdrugs new BB Cream. I'm off work tomorrow so i'm going to be spending some quality time with my gorgeous baby brother. Here's a couple of my favorite cheeky pictures of him!
I love him to bits!


Wednesday, 23 May 2012


The weather these past two days has been lovely, & tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest day! I'll be enjoying the sun from inside the shop tomorrow, so if you happen to be in Brighton pop in & say hi, I 'd love to meet you guys! 

Just a small post today, managed to get round to painting my nails and I thought I would post a picture of my favourite pumps at the moment. 

Hope you all enjoy the gorgeous sunshine tomorrow!

Boots 17 Lasting Fix in Mini Skirt
I love white nail varnish at the moment & it makes your tan stand out more too which is great for the summer  or if your going on holiday! I found that with this nail varnish you have to add several coats for it to be A) even coverage and B) So that it doesnt show any of your natural nail colour. I added 3/4 coats to give it a block white look but overall I love it!

From Shoebox in Brighton £23.99
I'm really into studded items at the moment. I got the black studded pumps from Topshop when they first came out and i've hardly taken them off they're just so comfortable. These shoes seem more hard wearing than the topshop ones as this pair of shoes has a tiny raised heel.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Wantlist 001#

With pay day coming up & me counting down the days, I thought I would share a little part of my want list with you gorgeous people. I have had my eye on several of these items lately but when it comes to getting some of them I find it hard to justify. I think I may just have to face up to the fact that these Items are worth it!

001. The leopard print peplum top from Miss Selfridge £26.00
I absolutely adore this gorgeous top, it would look fab on a night out, a day at work or anything. It's a really versatile, lovely top. This is definitely No1 on my list this week & I just can't resist in investing in this little gem.

002. Jeffery Campbell Black Litas Office £120
 I have been dying to get my hands on a pair of these for sooo long now. All the reviews I have read say how comfortable they are and just how amazing they are. I want to try them for myself now!

003. Michael Kors watch £199
Another item I just can't live without,I've wanted this Michael Kors watch for about a year now,I'm just trying to search for reasons as to why I need this watch and how I can justify the price! Help!

004. Pastel Jeans £20-£40
The pastel trend is definitely putting me in a summery mood with the gorgeous ice cream shades hitting the stores. I think they would look great with floral tops or just a nice casual jumper. Its a great way to be on trend and casual during the daytime.

005 & 006 Fashionology Silver rainbow aura ring £50.19 &Fashionology dreamcatcher necklace £21.05
Ever since I was little I have always been fascinated by crystals. I used to have a massive collection of semi precious stones, jewellery, and books about them. I know alot about crystals and I just think they are one of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery. I first found Fashionology on Beauty crush's blog & I just couldn't resist.


Monday, 21 May 2012

Kick Start!

So...Life has been a bit hectic lately but... what better way to kick start Xodó than to start with a new trending trend. The pink dip-dye! When I saw a picture of this online I just couldn't resist trying it myself. I only used coloured hair  spray as it is a bit of a drastic decision for me but I absolutely love it and i'm actually considering doing it for keeps! What do you girlies think?

Let me know what you think by commenting below,I need help deciding! also follow on here and my new facebook page for plenty more fab posts to come!

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