Wednesday, 23 May 2012


The weather these past two days has been lovely, & tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest day! I'll be enjoying the sun from inside the shop tomorrow, so if you happen to be in Brighton pop in & say hi, I 'd love to meet you guys! 

Just a small post today, managed to get round to painting my nails and I thought I would post a picture of my favourite pumps at the moment. 

Hope you all enjoy the gorgeous sunshine tomorrow!

Boots 17 Lasting Fix in Mini Skirt
I love white nail varnish at the moment & it makes your tan stand out more too which is great for the summer  or if your going on holiday! I found that with this nail varnish you have to add several coats for it to be A) even coverage and B) So that it doesnt show any of your natural nail colour. I added 3/4 coats to give it a block white look but overall I love it!

From Shoebox in Brighton £23.99
I'm really into studded items at the moment. I got the black studded pumps from Topshop when they first came out and i've hardly taken them off they're just so comfortable. These shoes seem more hard wearing than the topshop ones as this pair of shoes has a tiny raised heel.


  1. The shoes are so so beautiful!

  2. this is so good xoxoxo