Saturday, 16 June 2012

Lacura Lipsticks

Hey Guys & Dolls

On Wednesday I went to Portslade with my boyfriend to watch him do Jiu-Jitsu. We got there half an hour early so we popped into Aldi to get a drink and a little snack (as ya do). While I was in there I saw the Lacura range and couldn't believe my eyes at the prices of these products. They're BARGAINS!!
I picked a couple of items up mainly Lipsticks to try out and give a review on. Now come on...priced at £1.99 it would be rude not to give it a try & if you don't like it you could always throw it away.

I was really surprised with the packaging it's really good value for £1.99. Each Lipstick comes in it's own packaged box which is wrapped in plastic wrapping. For £1.99 I wouldn't fault them on the packaging front and the actual lipstick casing at all. I was super happy with it. It looks really stylish and sophisticated and looks like a higher end lipstick. It's something I wouldn't be ashamed of pulling out of my bag.

The three colours I chose are Pink Orchid which is a medium bright pink, Nougat which is a nice nude brown & also Creamy Pink which is a nice soft pastel pink with a little bit of shimmer added.

The Lacura Lipsticks are fantastic value the two pink lipsticks: Pink Orchid & Creamy Pink have a gorgeous shimmer finish where the nougat lipstick has more of a matte finish. I recommend buying these bargain beauty buys!

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