Monday, 18 June 2012

NOTD; Lilac Leopard

Hey Guy's & Dolls

This morning I had to travel to Lewes to cover a colleague for 4 hours but after he took over I traveled back. Today is just one of those days where everything seems to be taking extra long. For example on my way there A bus had broken down meaning everyone had to get on my bus.It's annoying when you have to be somewhere! Anyway I won't bore with the details. Today I thought I would do a NOTD, for you guys who don't quite get the term it's Nails of the day.

I thought I would use my pastel Lilac from Barry M: Berry Lilac £
It's a lovely soft lilac and looks great with any outfit. This colour is one of my go-to nail varnishes and always will be. It's definitely a favorite of mine! I used the Models own WAH pen to create the leopard spots. The Wah pen has either a precise top which is great for creating spots,flowers and other patterns. It also has a longer thin brush inside so if you want to create lines of any kind you can create the perfect straight line. This WAH pen is great value & it's lasted me ages so far i've had it for 7 months and there's still loads of nail varnish inside.

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