Friday, 15 June 2012

Weekly Roundup #1

Hey Guys & Dolls

This week has been a pretty busy week for me so far. I was supposed to be working from Sunday-Friday, but then I was told that one of my colleagues would work on Tuesday and Wednesday so that I get a couple of days off before covering someone else next week.

I was working on Monday so there's not much to say on that front apart from the usual.
Tuesday was my first day off this week & a bit of a lazy day for me, I decided to stay in as the weather wasn't great and focus on getting some blogging done. I managed to schedule a couple of blog posts so that If I didn't have time I have it all backed up. Pretty good huh!

On Wednesday I went to Portslade with my boyfriend to watch him take his Jiu Jitsu lesson. Which is when I bought my Aldi bargains! I was so happy with myself. I got a call from my colleague who was working in the shop that day covering me asking me to go into work because he wasn't feeling to well. So my day off and enjoying the sun ended earlier than I'd hoped...
Later in the evening/ night we were invited to go out for my boyfriends sister's birthday, pre-drinks and clubbing. I had a really good time although I didnt feel too good yesterday at work. My feet were killing me as I had worn heels all day standing for hours on end and then again when we went out. They need a good pamper now!

Here's a picture of my Make up. I'm thinking of doing a tutorial on this look, what do you guys think?

Yesterday (Thursday) I had work and as mentioned in the previous paragraph I wasn't feeling too good. I'm not sure how I managed to get through the long 7.5 hours if i'm honest. My boyfriend brought me Chinese chicken noodles for my lunch and dropped them off for me! I was soo happy. 

How has your week been so far? 


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